Patient Portal As A Tool For Enhancing Patient Experience And Improving Quality Of Care

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Have you ever wondered what our health care system would be like if patients with chronic diseases decided to take control of their own health? Well, in this article, “Patient Portal as a tool for Enhancing Patient Experience and Improving Quality of Care in Primary Care Practices,” the authors’ focus on the potential influences that patient portals have against the challenges for chronic disease patients that participate in care coordination programs. Patient portals are a tool that is used to provide patients with online access to their personal health information. Care coordination programs are made up of skilled professionals that help manage patient’s overall health by engaging them in self-management. Although patient portals…show more content…
This portion of the article is beneficial to include because it highlights the purpose of the research and discusses pertinent knowledge about the topic. Methods The research design was clearly stated in the “Methods” section of the article, which stated that they used “prospective, quasi-experimental pre-post study design, including an Intent to Treat analysis” (Sorondo et. al., 2016). However, this poor method resulted in a biased sample, since it is “not possible due to all the active patients from primary care practices” (Sorondo et. al., 2016). Also, this design method proposed several limitations that involved a poor presentation of the population by inviting certain participant that were currently enrolled in a care coordination program. Perhaps the researchers should have allowed any chronic-condition patients that were not enrolled in a care coordination program to be involved in the study. The two survey instruments that were used in the data collection process included a study questionnaire and a statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE). Both of these instruments have obtained a data collection that was based on two short timeframes. Not to mention a detailed list of the questions for the study questionnaire were not available in the study. This gives uncertainty to the questions by not knowing if

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