Patient Preparation Of High Blood Glucose Intravenous Insulin

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Patient preparation:
Patient preparations are important for obtain the best image quality in PET-CT. All patients should fast more than 4 hours (it depend on the hospital protocol). Patient should have good hydration during the uptake phase. Blood glucose must check before the tracer injection. In case of high blood glucose Intravenous insulin should be administered to reduce the blood glucose level. The patient must avoid exercise before the PET-CT scan. Patient should keep relax and warm during the uptake phase to avoid needless uptake in the muscles and brown fat.

After that patients must be asked to take away all metal objects and to void as completely as possible just prior to the examination. Image quality reduce because of small metallic objects such as snaps, zippers, or small metal hooks are completely negligible, but what have the most affect is the larger metallic objects such as coin, large belt buckles, earrings, keys and detachable metallic dental appliances can make beam hardening artifact on the CT images and cause attenuation correction errors on the PET images.

Before placing the patient to the scanner table, again should inform them about the total examination time and remain motionless during the scan acquisition, and asked if they expected any problems like claustrophobia or pain during the procedure. The total examinations time largely indicate by the PET scan time, which is indicated by the number of bed positions and each bed emission time. The…
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