Patient Preparation Of High Blood Glucose Intravenous Insulin

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Patient preparation: Patient preparations are important for obtain the best image quality in PET-CT. All patients should fast more than 4 hours (it depend on the hospital protocol). Patient should have good hydration during the uptake phase. Blood glucose must check before the tracer injection. In case of high blood glucose Intravenous insulin should be administered to reduce the blood glucose level. The patient must avoid exercise before the PET-CT scan. Patient should keep relax and warm during the uptake phase to avoid needless uptake in the muscles and brown fat. After that patients must be asked to take away all metal objects and to void as completely as possible just prior to the examination. Image quality reduce because of small…show more content…
In case of longer emission acquisition times per bed position increase the PET image quality will obtain, but this should be balanced with patient relief and ability to durability longer procedure. Patient motion through both the CT and PET image acquisitions will reduce image quality and image artifacts will happen, usually each bed position of the PET scan takes 3 to 5 minutes, for the thin and small patients that time is dropped to 2 minutes in some PET-CT centers, and that time can drop to 1 minute in case of extreme pain or claustrophobia patients. Generally Patients placed supine with arms above the head for most of them. To obtain the patient’s relief and reduce motion during the scan acquisition use positioning tool to support the head and arms and raise the patient’s knees. In case of head and neck is preferred with arms down and usually more support to the head. Some patients they can’t hold having their arms above their head during the whole body scan, and other scan like sarcomas, melanomas, and other disease that need to scan upper extremities, patients should be asked to put their arms down to involve them to the scan too. It is important to insure that is the scout and the CT scan is obtained without peripheral truncation happened before move to the PET scan. Even in case of arms down patient ,technologist should remained the patient to keep the
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