Patient Presentation

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Patient Presentation

History of Presenting Complaint
This paper conducts a critical evaluation of a 66-year-old female, Mrs. DZ, who has a ten-year history of lower backache. This pain often radiates to both legs. The pain is quite severe when the patient assumes an upright posture and engages in physical activities. Lifestyle modification has failed Mrs. DZ as a form of management for this condition. The patient has been prescribed with neurogenic pain medications by her GP. Three corticosteroid injections to the affected area have been ineffective. Mrs. DZ presents to the Emergency Department after a 3-day history of severe progressive lower back pain radiating to both feet. She describes weakness in both legs. The patient has no history
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The healthcare databases utilized in the search are PubMed, Cochrane Database of Systematic Review (Cochrane) and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). Systematic reviews utilize a rigorous methodology to eliminate bias, therefore only these types of reviews where searched. Very few search limitations where used to find relevant search articles, however some of the limitations used include the search, full-text articles published in English with an abstract available for viewing. Specific search terms were used to generate relevant search results. Boolean operators ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ were used to locate and link the search terms. The main search terms used were: lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar canal stenosis, treatment, operative, surgical, surgery, and neurogenic claudication. Only articles containing information referring to the use of operative and/or comparison of operative to non-operative strategies in the management of LSS in the title or abstract were viewed. All articles containing information regarding specific to other management strategies were excluded in the search. The following are the search results for different…show more content…
These studies employ different research analysis methodologies to determine the most effective LSS treatment strategy. Up to date, level one evidence is considered best practice when evaluating evidence-based research and making clinical decisions. Therefore, a systematic and meta-analysis review published in March of 2015, that used only randomized control trials (RTCs) was identified as being highly relevant and potentially useful to the clinical question at
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