Patient Privacy. Information Related To The Patient Is

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PATIENT PRIVACY Information related to the patient is very important and should only be discussed by the medical team that is involved in the treatment of a patient. This includes information that is gained verbally or as put down in the medical records. Among the information, it includes the following, lab tests, x-rays, blood samples and scans done on a patient’s body. Personal control of a person 's health status is very important. The right to have medical records, kept private is safe guarded even by the government in power, whether stored electronically, or in paper file form. This comes amidst arguments as to whether it will have an impact on patient’s life. "Fundamentally this health concern is being challenged because of the…show more content…
The dangers associated with disclosing a patient’s privacy include the following; In the first case it discourages a patient from giving accurate information to the doctors due to the fear of it leaking to a third party (Barrett g, Cassell). Through this, doctors may not be able to write clear information on what a person suffers from. A patient may also be prescribed to the long. The advantages of maintaining a patient’s privacy include the following; When the information of a patient is not disclosed, patients mind are always at ease. They are not tensed about their level of confidentiality with their doctor’s breached (Mazor, Simon 2004). Secondly it increases the level of satisfaction in a patient and also the sense of dignity. Through this he/she is able to trust the medical team and can reveal more about the sickness / ailment without hiding sensitive and critical information. Maintaining a patient’s privacy also helps in making sure that the affected gets the best medical care. This includes the people suffering from HIV/AIDS who will be more confidence when going for the anti retroviral drugs. Privacy helps patient to develop inter personal relationships with the medical team. This ensures that care is given best at the interest of the patient
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