Essay on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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Social Problem The Problem our policy is intended to address is the lack of affordable health insurance as well as the lack of affordable health insurance to persons with pre-existing health conditions. The Extent of the social problem reaches to numbers of persons and populations in the United States. Living without health insurance are in excess of 50 million people in the United States, which is roughly equivalent to 16.7% of the population, or one in six U.S. residents (Wolf, 2010). Defining this as a problem are those most affected by the inaccessibility barrier which includes illegal immigrants, the elderly, and those persons unable to attain insurance coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition. Who disagrees? The Related…show more content…
These competing values might very well contribute to a certain measure of social control as well as social coercion. The Underlying Causes or Factors associated with the social problem of access to affordable health insurance and access to health insurance by persons with pre-existing medical conditions stem from a host of other social issues. Social control seems to be a permeating thread to the problem of access to health insurance. The politics associated with health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, income tax rates for physicians and health-care providers as well as the related compensation structure dictated by insurance companies play a key role in the public’s ability to access and acquire health insurance. Another factor to consider when tracing the cause of access barriers is the link between employment and health insurance benefits. There is a substantial link between employment benefit packages and health insurance. Goal The General Goal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is to lend reform to the private health insurance market. The information about the goal of this policy on the government website states that the Affordable Care Act will set up a new competitive health insurance market, put a stop to discrimination against those persons with pre-existing medical conditions, and most importantly provide affordable access to insurance coverage to individuals as well as small businesses (,
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