Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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In March of 2010, President Barack Obama signed into effect the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or widely known as “Obamacare.” The changes that the act is making with all of health care will slowly be implemented throughout the years, and should be completed by 2022 (Obamacare Facts: Dispelling the Myths). In the Affordable Care Act it changes or alters almost all programs that we have today and creates new programs to assist people and properly state what type if care is expected and required of health care professionals. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes all of the following departments of health care, Affordable Health Care for America Act, the Patient Protection Act, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, and effects the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act and the Health and Public Services Act (Obamacare Facts: Dispelling the Myths). The Affordable Care Act will make many changes, but some of the big changes that will occur involve the patients quality of care, the benefits that all of America will receive with the prevention measures it will be taking, the total availability and access of health care for all Americans, and how all Americans health care finances will be altered. The patients quality of care will be changing with the new affordable care act for several reasons, including it states that insurance companies can no longer deny people due to previous medical issues and
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