Patient Relations Manager, Privacy Officer, And Recipient Rights Director

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Robin R. Nelson, MSA, patient relations manager, privacy officer, and recipient rights director is responsible for monitoring and assuring the facilities compliance with regulations pertaining to the privacy of patient records. Robin has a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration; a master’s in Public Health Administration and holds a registration in social work. She had originally intended to work in substance abuse, counseling, education, however according to her “it wasn’t a right fit” so transferred over to long-term care and worked as a an admissions manager. It was there, she established her relationship with MidMichigan health. When the patient relations director retired, she applied and got the job and has been working for MidMichigan Health since. Mrs. Nelson holds the positions of Patients Relations Manager, which is responsible for the JC elements of patient rights and the CMS elements for patient grievances; the Privacy Officer, which oversees all ongoing activities, related to the development, implementation and maintenance of the organization’s privacy policies in accordance with applicable HIPAA and HITECH regulations, and the Recipients Rights Director and is responsible for the administration, investigation, monitoring of recipients of public mental health services. Prior to HIPAA, no generally accepted set of security standards or general requirements for protecting health information existed. In fact, each HCO within the MidMichigan Health system

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