Patient Safety Action Plan Paper

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Action Plan for Patient Safety
Management Strategy and Tactics
The strategic goal formulated by the Patient Safety Committee of Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center is to achieve hundred percent patient safety by the year 2020. To achieve this challenging goal the management team has formulated specific short term and long-term goals. Short term goals include: providing training for staff on patient assistive devices, formulation of unit based patient safety committees, ongoing patient education on cleanliness and safety measures. Long term goal of hiring new clinical and patient care staff for a safe staff to patient ratio. The management strategies and tactics and strategies that can be undertaken to achieve the above goals are: The most important stakeholders in this strategic plan are the patients, clinical staff, management and the government. Management by Objectives (MBO) is an organized approach by management to focus on achievable goals and thereby achieve the optimum outcome from the available resources. The advantage of using MBO is that it involves the employees identify and align with the
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In the case of the strategic goal of patient safety the mangers would need to take both programmed and non-programmed decision. For instance, in the case of hiring new clinical staff the hiring manger can use programmed decision making, because hiring is a recurring event and the management has developed hiring protocols which can be utilized. Non-programmed decisions are made to solve unstructured or non-recurring problems for this there is no set pattern. These decisions have a high possibility of failure and are often made after careful consideration of all available options, in most cases these decisions are made by upper level management. For instance, choosing the software for the hospital is a non-programmed decision
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