Patient Safety And Good Health Outcomes

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Patient safety and good health outcomes are the main focuses of today’s complex health care system (Hendricks, Cope & Harris 2010, p. 252). However, short hospital stays, complexity of patient care, high nurse patient ratio and high pressure work surroundings have contributed to decreased patient satisfaction and safety. As a result health care professional are required to pay more attention to these issues. Nurses are considered competent, valued and necessary for improvements in patient quality care as they work 24 hours and 7 days a week (Vaismoradi et al. 2014, p. 107). They are also expected to work in collaboration with other health care professional and to become advocates on behalf of their patients. Therefore, registered nurses…show more content…
This essay will critically explore the leadership role of a registered nurse in delivering quality and safe patient care.
According to Dr. Lucy Cuddihy (Traits of Nursing Leadership 2015) nursing leadership includes understanding your role as a nurse for the sake of patients. While working in the hospitals, nurses are always on display and usually become role models through the way they present themselves, how they react on situations and how they communicate to perform effectively in a multidisciplinary team. Hence, the simple tasks that nurses perform in hospitals express their leadership traits which can influence patients and colleagues directly or indirectly.
Many leadership roles have been come up in nursing with unfolding leadership responsibilities which explain that good quality care is the priority of nursing workforce and bringing up issues related to the patient safety in attention to the management is also a key component of these responsibilities. Experienced leaders play a pertinent role in mentioning the main agenda in the boardrooms. However, myriad challenges can be faced by nurses while ensuring quality care and improvements in patient care (Stuart & Kean 2012).In a study performed by Gallagher and Tschudin (2010) explains that nurses not always able to act positively as role models or challenge poor practices. He also stated that examples from past have shown serious
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