Patient Safety And Nurse Satisfaction Essay

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The emergency room environment at certain hospitals are in a crisis when it comes to staffing competent nurses. The skilled experienced nurses are leaving these hospitals for Magnet Hospital emergency rooms which are placing the remaining nurses and the patient’s safety in jeopardy. The nurses left behind risk their licenses daily coping with the staffing crisis struggling to keep their patients alive and well. This is why I left the emergency room for a safer practice environment but find it a passion to look for a solution to the quick sand of non-magnet status survival.
The issue of patient safety and nurse satisfaction can be a complex web of issues that can be improved by changing the nurse environment. Nurses seek a better and safer environment to practice to be allowed to provide good care and not risk critical mistakes that can have perilous consequences. Nursing as a profession needs to seek a way to elevate these hospitals to the performance of the Magnet and provide justice to all patients and not just the ones who select Magnet. What do you want to know?
PICOT: Is emergency room patient (P) safety at greater risk of medication errors and near miss events (I) in an emergency room with poor nurse retention in comparison (C) to Magnet emergency rooms with a more stable nurse staff in a calendar year(O)? The dependent variable is the patient safety differences between hospitals with good nurse retention in comparison to poor nurse
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