Patient Safety And Quality Care

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In a healthcare practice, patient Safety and quality of care are emphasized to bring positive results. It focuses upon a care that is person centred, driven by information and organised for wellbeing. It has a great importance for the health care organization to avoid any adverse risks in relation to patient safety issues and to improve health care processes. In this essay, a detailed view of process and outcome data is argued to provide safe and quality care followed by an incidence of pressure ulcer is exemplified together with failed processes. Further in the essay, various standard processes are discussed to bring positive outcome. Safety and quality are two different terms used interchangeably. Patient safety depends upon the minimization of the undesired incidences while quality is achieved by reaching at anticipated endpoint. In order to successfully access and implement safety and quality culture, this is necessary to learn from deficiencies and encouraging safety science education. In fact, this is very necessary to measure quality as it helps to capture any inconsistency in the treatment processes provided by healthcare organizations. Both focus on person centred and informatics care that include the involvement of health practitioners, patients and consumers to avoid anxiety, frustration or any cause of delays in appropriate treatment. Safety and quality of care is very important to improve clinical practice and health outcome, reduce risks in the delivery of
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