Patient Safety And Quality Care

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Patient safety and quality care has not always been the main objective of our U.S. health care system. Traditionally, the idea of “quality health care” was left up to the interruption of the acting physician. Due to the specialization of medical practice knowledge about care was not widely attainable or known by the average citizen (Shi & Singh, pg. 55). In this time medical education was not backed by science and medical errors were a regular occurrence in U.S. health care (Shi et al., 2013). You may ask why is this information important and you would be shocked to know that we are all affected or may potentially be affected by the existence of medical errors. According to Dr. Martin Makary and Michael Daniel of John Hopkins University Medical School, after vigilant research (and meticulous counting) approximately 250,000 (other studies have death as high as 400,000) people die a year in the U.S. alone due to diagnostic errors by health professionals (. Quality care is categorized as one of the key concerns in health care policy and law (alongside access and cost). We will cover patient safety in reference to medical errors and the policies that are designed to keep patients safe from medical errors. The aim for this health policy analysis paper is to review the history of medical errors in the United States and the quality improvement policies we have created to relinquish the problem. We will also discuss potential new policies and laws that can be created to even better
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