Patient Safety And Quality Improvement Statement And Chosen Cause That Will Drive Improvement

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Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Statement and Chosen Cause that will Drive Improvement The problem I have chosen to decipher is patient falls in the healthcare setting. There are numerous ways to decrease the risk of falls, but today we will focus on prevention. Early prevention is the obvious key to avoiding falls. A contributing factor that goes hand in hand with prevention is communication amongst co-workers. As nurses, it is our job to be advocates for patients, and by using the correct tools given we can prevent these sentinel events. This problem was chosen because I currently work at a neuro rehab facility where falls are common due to severe neurological deficits. Personally, each time a patient falls my hearts breaks for them and their families.
Current Knowledge of the Patient Safety Concern/Quality Improvement Issue (State and National Context) According to The Joint Commission, falls with injuries are reported in the top ten sentinel events in their database. Falls can lead to longer hospital stays estimating around 6.3 more days of care, with an extra cost of $14,000 dollars (Joint Commission, 2015). The American Nurses Association (ANA) teamed up with the National Quality Forum (NQF) and endorsed a fall standard protocol to increase performance improvement for national consensus standards (American Nurses Association, 2013). The Hospital Engagement Network (HRET-HEN) states that in adults older than the age of 65, falls are the…
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