Patient Safety Dilemmas

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Even though as a manager, initially I would like to talk with the patients involved to get their sides of the story then communicate with my team. A number of patient safety complaints has warranted managers to investigate the staff to why many issues have occurred of this magnitude and no one has followed up or attempted to decrease the number of incidences. Moving forward, managers have used all the responses they have obtained from the assessments during this process to prevent any further measures and reprimand anyone implicated, end result have found that the whole time the reports filed no one have witnessed these accidents and can attest to them ever occurring. Throughout this investigation many assessments have taking place to find out what was causing the medical errors to take place, on the other hand, with the objective of reducing as many occurrences as possible.
First, numerous patient safety complaints have compelled managers to look into the staff to why many concerns have occurred
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Through this research many assessments have taking place to find out what is initiating the medical errors to take place, yet, with the goal of reducing several incidents.
Indeed, as a manager, my first duty would be to investigate this issue and to do right by the patient and investigate the problem by holding a group assessment with my staff. If the staff is not privy of what the nine patients are complaining about, next I must formerly take it upon myself to ensure measures within my hospital so that it will never happen again. No patient should ever be left unattended if they have been given any form of sedation or medication and all healthcare staff should report to a physician if their patients are
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