Patient Safety

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Patient Safety at Grand River Hospital & St. Mary’s General Hospital
Most patients would like to think that safety is a major priority at the hospital they are visiting. They would like to believe that the hospital actively engages in practices that should nearly diminish any possibility for an accident or mistake to occur. However, the premise of patient safety is relatively new. Medical errors remain a sensitive topic with patients, physicians, and hospital administrators. Physicians and other medical personnel are very reluctant to communicate information about any form of medical error. They feel that admitting to any sort of wrongdoing will have negative effects with peers and may open up the potential for legal action. The
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The same year the Canadian government passed legislation that requires all critical incidents to be reported to a medical advisory committee. This is another step in enforcing responsibility, however this still does not motivate the elephant. Medical providers will be more interested in providing supporting material refuting their own guilt rather than determining the root cause of the critical incident. The committee is legally responsible in determining the root cause, however, unless the physician is free from legal repercussions, the information will be biased.
In March 2012, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced a fundamental improvement in the way healthcare is regulated. This may be the single best factor in dramatically changing the healthcare system in Canada. Healthcare has enjoyed centuries of being a monopolized industry. Hospitals have never had competition. In addition to lack of competition, the fee system is so convoluted and complex, the average patient has no idea what they may be charged. No patient in the emergency room has ever been in a position to negotiate the price of services. The Ontario Ministry is attempting to change that. Unlike the United States, Canadian
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