Patient Safety Is Vital For The Practice Of Medicine

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Patient safety is vital in the practice of medicine. In medical laboratory science, we may not have a direct contact with the patient, but every duty we perform can affect the outcome of the patient’s health. Patient safety involves being able to collect samples and follow the protocols for the test result. Accuracy in medicine may be a very high standard, but it is worth it when it comes to a patient’s life. A medical practitioner should always have the expectation not to incur more harm on the patient. A patient comes to the hospital for a solution to their problem and should not go back home with more problems. Patient safety includes interpreting results accurately, doing the right test and following protocols. The protocol for testing may be long to read, difficult to follow when you have a large workload but vital in medicine. A medical laboratory scientist should always have the code of ethics at heart to perform an error-free lab test on a patient. Shortcuts may look easy, but the result poses damage to the patient. The moment you made up your mind to be a laboratory practitioner was the when you decided to take responsibility of caring and ensured error-free for your patient.
A laboratory safe practice impacts the safety of a patient, his/her whole life, and the performance of other practitioners in the treatment chain. A wrong interpretation of laboratory result by laboratory scientist can affect a physician’s diagnosis and prescription. The wrong diagnosis
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