Patient Safety Measures

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Improving Patient Safety Measures Anyone working in the medical field should have one main common priority and that is patient safety. Patient safety is defined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) as “the prevention of harm to patients.” Unfortunately, errors in health care are inevitable, but it is important to learn from those errors in order for them to not reoccur. The article “Toward a Safer Health Care System,” focuses on the critical need to improve these measures. The IOM reported the mortality rates related to constant medical errors and how it is a major cause of death in the United States. Examples of patient safety issues can be medication errors, diagnostic errors, hospital facility safety, sepsis, administrative data safety, etc.…show more content…
The article suggests for the CDC to expand its efforts in a better use of EHRs and to utilize these newly developed systems to discover and indentify the leading causes of preventable harm, such as hospital acquired infections and misdiagnosis. One may ask, how can we use EHRs to improve patient safety? The answer is simple; EHRs enhance diagnosing and lowers the chance of medical errors. “75% of providers, report that their HER allows them to deliver better patient care. For example, since EHRs keep record of all of a patient’s medical history, capable systems automatically check for possible complications, such as allergies and informs the provider. These alerts help clinicians shun major consequences and help improve patient safety so that they won’t be exposed to serious potential
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