Patient Safety Policy Paper

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Patient Safety Policy Paper Metropolitan State University NURS-605-50 Spring 2012 Introduction Patient safety is a primary goal for all health care workers, especially Registered Nurses who are the primary care givers for many patients. To promote safety and well-being it is important to provide the best possible care to all patients without spreading hospital acquired infections to patients that were previously free from certain diseases. Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) are a common occurrence within health care settings and can cause many complications, increasing length of stay, and could even cause death. The goal of this paper is to provide a policy to make changes to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Mercy Hospital…show more content…
The focus area for this policy change and implementation will be patients admitted to the ICU that may be susceptible for Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI). Clostridium difficile is the most common cause of infectious health-care associated diarrhea (Eiland, 2011). The infection is spread through human contact with an emphasis in transmission from fecal to oral route. It is extremely important to promote and perform hand hygiene to all patients and staff. Evidence-based policy is an extension or extrapolation of the tenets of evidence-based practice to decisions about resource allocation and regulation by various government and regulatory bodies (Chaffee, Leavitt, & Mason, 2012). Policy implementation and change is a never ending occurrence within the health care setting. With evidence based practices and research there are opportunities for improvements in many areas to provide the best possible care possible for each and every patient. The AHRQ has conducted many studies and investigations into the prevention and education of CDI. Through evidence-based research and randomized testing there have been many research studies conducted with results showing that if policy and practice changes are made there can be a significant decrease in CDI’s. The AHRQ has come up with special approaches for the prevention of CDI. By following these approaches the studies have been successful and
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