Patient Satisfaction

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Patient Satisfaction Introduction [The medical field is very important to us all, and when you become the patient in a hospital your mindset changes all together. This paper will be about patient satisfaction while in the hospital. There are major concerns when patients or their family are admitted into the hospital. Hospitals are very concerned with patient satisfaction and the scores that come with it. Patient satisfaction is very important in hospital settings. The patients are the heartbeat to the large body of doctors, nurses, aids, and dietary. Being able to effectively make the patients stay or visit more satisfactory is important in a hospital. The hospital process is strict on patient satisfaction…show more content…
Patient satisfaction scores weigh on non-physician staff like dietary just like doctors, nurses, and aids that provide(I took out the s) care.] Time to Go [Patient satisfaction and being discharged from the hospital go hand in hand. This is the opportunity for the patient to see the hospital staff at their best. Getting them out in a timely manner, making sure appointments have been made, and that they leave with all their belongings. From a patient point of view finding and keeping good staff is most important. Something as simple as sitting when you speak with them about discharge orders gives them the impression that the nurse is not rushing and that they are a priority (Chung-Larivee 2012). As the patients speak with the doctors and they are informed they are ready to go home is like music to the patient’s ears. As they once were sick being able to hear those words relieves a patient. The patients really start to realize how kind that the workers at the hospital had taken care of them. The excitement of going home being able to sleep in your own bed relieves the pressure of the previous nights’ spent in the hospital. The patient needs to have all documentation at their fingertips and ready to roll. The importance of patient satisfaction while being discharged is you should always wait on the patient and the patient should never wait on you.] Conclusion [Patient satisfaction
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