Patient Satisfaction Research

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Running Head: Patient Satisfaction Research Conduct and use of Patient Satisfaction Research in Health Care Abstract The purpose of this paper is to gain an understanding of Patient Satisfaction Research in health care. By understanding the definition of patient satisfaction as well the use of patient satisfaction surveys in health care, others will be able to comprehend how managers of Health Care Organizations use the scores to improve the quality of care in their organization. After defining patient satisfaction research, then the question will be answered on how patient satisfaction surveys are used in health care, what influences patient satisfaction, how these surveys and…show more content…
By using these statistical measures in his survey Hasin was able to identify weak areas in the hospital with his statistics. Hasin (2001) believed that the reasons for poor satisfaction from the hospital were due to doctors and nurses who didn’t pay enough attention and take care of patients, be more fair-spoken, communicate more efficiently, and have more interaction with specialist doctors. These statistics all depended on how Hasin constructed his questionnaire. Construct validity and sensitivity of a questionnaire must be thought out as well when creating a patient satisfaction survey. Biering (2006) created a study aimed to understand construct validity and the sensitivity of a patient satisfaction questionnaire. There are many issues that surround this topic and can become debate in different HSO’s and how they want to develop a patient survey. Biering created a patient satisfaction questionnaire (PSQ) in order to understand the ideas behind this type of survey. In her conclusion, Biering (2006) believed that “to further develop valid and sensitivity of patient satisfaction questionnaires, studies are needed that would compare different instruments in controlled settings” (p.256). How patients evaluate their
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