Patient-Satisfaction Survey Planning

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Part 1 Survey On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is excellent and 1 is poor, please rate the following questions: 1. How easy was your personal access to the care setting? 2. How would you rate the waiting time experience? 3. How friendly was the staff? 4. How strongly do you feel about recommending this care facility to a friend or family member? 5. Please rate your overall experience. Part 2 Data Collection Plan The purpose of this essay is to describe a data collection plan for a health care facility interested in improving their organization. This essay will describe the necessary components of a system that can successfully address the many questions that arise when deriving a new approach that uses data to infer new trends. The health care unit in question is a suburban located facility that serves around 10,000 patients on an annual basis. The goal of this plan is to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of this organization so it can best serve the people that need them in their community. Background Surveys are solid ways of receiving feedback from customers to gauge performance and tailor to new trends and fashions. In the medical industry this method is sometimes overlooked but it shouldn't. Gamble (2012) suggested that " when designed and administered appropriately, patient experience surveys provide robust measures of quality, and efforts to assess patient experiences should be redoubled. " Fitzpatrick (1991) echoed these sentiments when stated
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