Patient Suffering From An Inflammation Of The Big Toe That Caused Severe Pain Essay

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Introduction This is a case study on a patient suffering from an inflammation of the big toe that has caused severe pain. According to the provisional test conducted, the patient is suffering from gout. The purpose of the study is to determine the additional procedures that will be conducted on her. The steps followed are informed by the personal details provided and the test that have already been conducted on the patient. This will be followed by the clarifying the all the symptoms; this will ensure that the rest of the procedures are in line with the previous tests conducted. Finally, an assessment of the problem will be conducted to give a confirmation on the illness. Domains of health such as physical, social and psychological will be analyzed for any probable cause of the problem. Identification of the patient The patient is a female by the name Annie. She is married to a female partner who is away working at a mining site. Her case was presented as an emergency due to the excruciating pain that she was undergoing. According to her, the pain has been there for two days where she could not sleep due to the pain intensity. Also, she was unable to cover herself as the warmth provided by the bed sheet amplified the pain. According to her, she had to raise the affected foot using a pillow to ease the pain. Her toe appears red in color with an evident swelling. Also, the toe under the pain is experiencing higher temperature than the rest of her body. According to Anne, she

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