Patient Teaching

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Patient Teaching
HLST 320

Caroline C

December 31st, 2007


I have chosen breastfeeding as my teaching topic for this assignment. The specific clientèle will be the new mother at between 2 and 7 days postpartum, newly discharged from hospital. As a community health nurse working with children and young families, I do initial postpartum visits at home. Breastfeeding is a very complex skill, natural, yet sometimes difficult to do. The client is often overwhelmed with information received in hospital, so sessions must be kept short, and made easy to understand. The area in which I work is multicultural. There is often a language barrier which further complicates
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New mothers have a chance to meet each other and learn about breastfeeding. Using these role-models sometimes helps a woman with low self-efficacy learn to breastfeed (London, p.311). When I walk into a home, I can often tell within the first 10 minutes whether I will have to make a follow-up visit. At a typical visit I assess the baby and mother, help with breastfeeding if necessary and provide the mother with helpful information she will need in the first few months of the baby 's life. A typical visit lasts 1-2 hours. I usually provide printed material on the common breastfeeding problems to my clients. On the website, there is very helpful information on breastfeeding in several languages. I use this site often to print out information on latching, sore nipples and engorgement. The information on the site is generally well written and edited. The vocabulary is easy enough to understand by most women. It is grammatically correct. There are no difficult or very technical terms.

The subject in this paper is a mother of two who did not breastfeed her first child.
She speaks English and works as a clerk in a drugstore. She has a university degree, so can easily understand information at the 12th grade level.


The general goal of this teaching is for the client to be able to breastfeed in the proper manner and to understand the benefits of breastfeeding in order to prolong breastfeeding for as long as
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