Patient Training: A Case Study

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Just wanted to follow-up on our phone conversation. I need to find a way to help Katti with her approach. She is a hard worker, extremely organized and great with creating processes. However, she lacks respect for others and often snaps at patients and even providers. We have discussed her approach several items. I have assigned customer service learning modules, sent out videos to watch, and reviewed several customer service tips that Cheri Glass shared with us at the managers boot camp. None of which seems to help.
She appears to shut down when I have conversations with her regarding customer services, best techniques, and her approach.

Before moving Katti to check out, I received several patient complaints. The complaints now come from staff members most often. We need to talk about how to get Katti to show more respect for others.


02/09/2017-Katti was informed that a sleep study had been scanned but not routed to the provider. She called the help desk and inquired as to who scanned the document and received the
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This action led to Melanie asking me for the definition.

02/24/17 - Stepmom approached the front desk and requested an appointment for her stepdaughter who has a UTI. Katti tells Melanie that she cannot bring her in because we do not have an authorization. Melanie asked me if there was anything we could do and I said yes. We needed a verbal from dad, and two staff members must document and sign as witnesses. Katti immediately becomes defensive. Melanie came to me and said she felt attacked. Katti also instructed Melanie not to ask me any more question.

02/27/17- Today a patient asked if the providers would make rounds in the hospital - speaking to Tina- Katti calls out NO NO, and we do not admit either.

These actions are
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