Patient Transport Is A Major Activity Within Healthcare Within The United Kingdom ( Uk )

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Patient transport is a major activity within healthcare in the United Kingdom (UK). It includes both non-emergency patient transport services (NEPTS) and time critical emergency transfers that utilise medical staff to escort patients requiring higher level of care to a specialist tertiary centre. Transporting acutely unwell and critically ill patients has many risks and potentially puts such patients in jeopardy if they have not been assessed and stabilised appropriately prior to the transfer taking place. It is for this reason that transport medicine deserves greater recognition as a specialist service as it requires specifically trained staff that can intervene in an appropriate and timely manner to ensure that patient safety is…show more content…
In Making a Difference (DoH, 1999) a challenge was presented to nurses to review and determine potential new ways to use their knowledge and skills in order to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare system. This led to a pilot program, developed in 2003 by Guy’s and St Tomas’s hospitals to train skilled paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) nurses as retrieval nurse practitioners (RNPs). These RNPs are able to assess and stabilise patients in order to properly transfer sick patients from one location to another. Worldwide, this concept of utilising highly skilled intensive care nursing staff to lead retrievals is not a new initiative. However, in order to achieve the goal of safe patient transport, it is important to establish whether health care professionals (HCPs) working within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) setting acknowledge that this role requires further specialist training. Thus, it is of value to explore this in further detail. This chapter will outline the background and significance of this study, giving insight into transport medicine from both a UK and international perspective. The writer will provide justification of the current research setting being limited to one hospital; in addition, the possible benefits of the study will be discussed. The research question and aims will be clearly identified followed by a definition of key terms; the
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