Patient and Hybrid Record Essay

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1. What is the potential impact of the copy/paste functionality on the integrity of the data and information contained in an EHR? The copy/paste function opens the possibility for fraud, medical error and risk for malpractice claims. Fraud could occur when a copy/paste function is used and than an insurance company is billed for the procedure/services 2 or 3 times. When in reality the procedure/service was only completed once. Medical error can occur with the copy/paste function, when a nurse reads a chart made by a doctor who copy/pasted instructions or initiates a procedure that was already completed but the doctor didn't realize that they copy/pasted it again. Than the nurse completes the procedure again, which can…show more content…
Don't let staff get lazy and complacent with using the copy/paste function. 1. What impact can a hybrid record have on patient care? The hybrid record could have negative and positive effects on patient care. One negative effect would be that it would take longer to access and put together if a whole file is requested. Another negative would be just where exactly is all of these paper records being kept. A positive effect of the hybrid record is that if the computer system is compromised in some way there would be a paper record. 2. How might the hybrid record change health information management? The hybrid record would change health information management because you would have to have employees to care for all these records, as well as employees for the computer files thus creating more staff and costing more. There would of course have to be training on how to properly handle the hybrid record having thus an effect on the health information management team. Who would have to implement training, schedule personnel off to take the training find yet others to cover for that training. Again costing more money and time. 3. How might a hospital overcome some of the issues created by the hybrid record? To overcome some issues created by the hybrid record you would have to have good education/training in implementation of new data, new software and soft- ware
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