Patient 's Background

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Patient 's Background Sara is a 25-year-old college graduate who joined the Peace Corps after graduation as she was inspired by previous trips where she enjoyed the region and learned some of the language. Completing her interview she was assigned to a two-year post in Ethiopia, which was one of the more difficult assignments. In the beginning, Sara keeps contact with friends and family through emails weekly, which stayed consistent throughout the first year. However a couple of months into her second year she stopped sending emails then around six months into her second year she returned to the United States due to the Peace Corp feeling, she may be suffering from a severe case of depression.
Original Diagnosis from Peace Corps
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Grievance Sara recently wrote a letter to the hospital complaining about the administrative communication and the lack of attention from the endocrinologist (Dr. Harris). Sara 's individual concerns and issues with each department are as follows:
Endocrinologist (Dr. Harris)
• Dr. Harris addressed concerns after Sara 's recovery over the phone rather than in person o Communication issue - Dr. Harris should have had Sara make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday morning so she could explain and discuss her concerns with Sara face to face to ensure that Sara understood her options clearly.
• Dr. Harris told Sara she had three options to this concern after recovery then advised her to Google the three options to help her make a decision rather than sitting down with Sara and discussing the merit of each in her personal case scenario. o Communication issue - This is not something that a doctor should have the patient look up to understand rather an issue that should be clearly and efficiently explained to the patient with the recommendation or their particular case noted to the patient.
• Dr. Harris told Sara to call her on Monday morning as she was going out of town for the weekend, which upset Sara, as Dr. Harris seemed very brief and did not give her much information. o Communication issue -
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