Patient 's Background

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Patient 's Background Sara is a 25-year-old college graduate who joined the Peace Corps after graduation as she was inspired by previous trips where she enjoyed the region and learned some of the language. Completing her interview she was assigned to a two-year post in Ethiopia, which was one of the more difficult assignments. In the beginning, Sara keeps contact with friends and family through emails weekly, which stayed consistent throughout the first year. However a couple of months into her second year she stopped sending emails then around six months into her second year she returned to the United States due to the Peace Corp feeling, she may be suffering from a severe case of depression.
Original Diagnosis from Peace Corps Sara 's presenting problem was her depressive like symptoms that lead the Peace Corp to feel she was suffering from severe depression otherwise no other known problems or symptoms were listed. I do not think that her symptoms could have been diagnosed differently from the Peace Corp, as the area Sara worked in was so remote. However, I do wonder if her friends and family might have changed the timing had they been more alarmed when her correspondence ceased. In addition, I would be curious to see if the tone of her emails changed over the course of the first year from her happy outgoing personality to show a less personal withdrawn person.
Final Diagnosis Sara had numerous tests over a period of two months once returning to her home in…
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