Patiently Working Together, By Kari Mashos

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Patience is a thing that the world strives towards and envies of those who exemplify that quality so well. Individuals who are patient accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Kari Mashos expresses his thoughts in his article, ‘Patiently working together, published in The Christian Science Monitor and shares, “I find that society is much like a family. It takes great patience and love in order to make the kind of progress that benefits everyone.” In a world where instant gratification is so common, the attribute of patience is very rare, which makes it such a gem to find within a being. I have had the rare opportunity to have a mother who is hearing impaired. I consider this a blessing as this has taught…show more content…
I am shocked to see the lack of patience of the majority of society as people do not treat my mother well. An employee will ask my mom questions while her back is turned to them, and she obviously does not respond. The person repeats themselves, getting visibly more frustrated as time goes on. I watch from afar and examine the reaction of the employees. They get snippy and think rude thoughts about my mother, not really knowing her real situation. I jump in and explain that she is deaf and cannot hear them. The embarrassment and shame on their face is very evident and they feel bad the second they realize what they had originally concluded about my mom. These experiences that occur repeatedly and have taught me to be patient in understanding all people and their possible situations. Society as a whole is often extremely quick to judge instead of being patient and getting correct, sufficient information before making proper judgements. Going into these stores with my mom has taught me to be more patient in understanding different struggles people might be dealing with in their…show more content…
Patience has not been tested here or there, but instead my entire life has been built upon honoring this principle. My mom has had to be one of the most patient influences in the lives of all those she has come upon, so I have learned to pick up on the importance of that value in our lives. These experiences have shown me that patience can be extremely hard. However, because it is so rare, it proves the fact that it is indeed of immense value. My whole life has been based around this stance, but some of the stories that stick out the most vividly in my mind that have shaped my patience the best include times when I am trying to have conversations with my mom, experiences with going to stores to shop, and instances when I am trying to communicate with her through cellular
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