Patient's Case Study

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Patient recently had his medication changed and he feels like "his attention and memory is improving and it is helping him to focus more." O Patient has participated in eight speech therapy sessions in the past four weeks. He has improved his attention to simple sustained attention tasks, complex sustained attention tasks, and has just begun making progress with selective attention with background noise. Activities which have been used to help him focus his attention include activities such as unscrambling words, completing word searches, following dot to dot with alphabet and numbers, completing crossword puzzle, alphabetizing pictures of functional objects, utilizing two pictures and three pictures within without cues, listening to a group of two or three items and putting them back in order from…show more content…
To follow two-step math problems visually and/or addition with 80% accuracy status. He has really struggled with his ability to do simple math. He reports that when he sees numbers at times he is on target and other times the numbers just get all jumbled together and then he becomes frustrated and cannot do simple math. He is able to do simple math while he is manipulating objects, creating one pile and a second pile and adding them together; however, when he is looking at the numbers even with visual cues SLP has even made pictures of dice for him to count the numbers on. He is able to do it with therapy assistance but when he tries to do it on his own, he gets very frustrated and is not able to complete the task. Strategies that have helped him the most are visual imagery. When provided with a list of 2-3 words he has started putting the words in the air on the wall in his mind and has been able to use working memory to manipulate those words and recall them in the correct order. He is also spontaneously requesting assistance by providing the two words that he heard, therefore, the SLP is
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