Patients ' Health Of Medical Marijuana

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Patients’ Health Utilizing Medical Marijuana
Karen Mak
Rutgers University
Introduction to Research Methods, Fall 2016

The following study proposal would review the results of the overall health outcomes of patients who replaced pharmaceutical treatment with medical marijuana. The study will look at the improvements in meal consumption, Clinical Global Impression scores, Pittsburgh Agitation Scale, and the decrease in the symptom being monitored. The studies being reviewed research many conditions ranging from Alzheimer disease, dementia patients, dystonia, dyskinesias, and tics, and pain management. Many studies indicate that the results may vary, and the extent of its beneficial properties should be determined by the patients’ physician. It is hypothesized that the patients that are replacing pharmaceutical treatment with medical treatment will present positive results.

One of the most popular treatments for medical problems is the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs. Many doctors prescribe this drug without considering natural or holistic remedies. There are many alternative solutions for many conditions, like diet, exercise, or therapy, yet doctors are still quick to write out a prescription for pharmaceutical drugs for their patients. Pharmaceutical drugs can be very dangerous and extremely harmful in any dosing or potency. Many doctors over prescribe this drug, leading to addiction and even toxicity. One very popular…
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