Patients With A Deep Vein Thrombosis Essay

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Clinical Question: In patients with a deep vein thrombosis, how does early ambulation compared to best rest affect the incidence of worsening DVT or development of a pulmonary embolism?

3. Search Methods

When conducting a research paper, it is important to keep record of what databases and search criteria being used. For our research specifically, we went through the online database access from the UNH library site and focused on using EBSCO as our database searched. Key words included within the searches include: Deep Vein Thrombosis, ambulation, bedrest, treatment, and management. The goal of this conducted search was to find a sufficient amount of articles that pertained to our topic which were written in the last 10 years and were English only. Of the many available articles, we then briefly scanned through each one to extract the articles which fully pertained to our topic, rather than having articles which just casually mentioned the topic. This was the only criteria which would determine whether the article would be included or excluded, however the criteria worked for this situation as the end result. In the end, five articles were included in our research of our clinical question, each focusing the article around ambulation with a Deep Vein Thrombosis.

4. Critical Appraisal of the Evidence.

Anderson study: Four randomized trials of patients, aged 52-66, with DVTs were done to determine different interventions that can contribute to either making DVT’s
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