Pato: A Just Life

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The ability to live a just life even when circumstances do not allow and there are no future benefits rests on a person, and is indeed possible. Being just takes more than a personality and extends to the belief that life has rewards far much better than what people see in normal circumstances. According to Plato, philosophers are the best in terms of leading just lives, and the nature of what they do makes them see things differently, which further prompts the idea of a just life. It follows that living a just life starts at a person’s early stages in life, and the upbringing influences outcomes, as well. In order to live a just life, therefore, the form of upbringing nurtures this requirement in a person’s soul and they see the need to be good and just in every aspect. It then becomes worthwhile for such people to live a just life since they do not see reasons for doing otherwise. Being just forms part and parcel of a person’s life, and such people appreciate life with every experience it brings since it is from such that they as well learn.
Moreover, the need for a just life comes from experiences, which a person faces. Initially, philosophers learn different procedures and topics, like dialectic, which is essential in living justly. What follows is that such people begin to see the truth and do well in all situations irrespective of consequences. From this point of view, the idea of a just life requires an educated individual who sees life beyond mere imaginations to
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