Patriarchal Society : The Is The Only Sphere That Is Essentially Made For Women

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Patriarchal society values have created the myth that motherhood is the only sphere that is essentially made for women. This idea of a rule of the father lifestyle, “sets a tone for society- a tone that allows for the devaluing of women and our experiences” (Seely, 3). The female gender has been considered throughout history to be natural child bearers and raisers of the household. This patriarchal society causes an exaggeration of the nature of motherly values. Selflessness, unconditional love and devoted service to the household is demanded of women. This results in the motherhood role being seen as merely household nurtures. Mothers who work are seen in society as not caring about their children, or selfish. While many American households value the ideal of motherhood as being a stay at home mother, “ideal identified the home as women’s ‘proper sphere’ ”other families, like Cheryl Gibbs’s , have hard working mothers who care for their children just as much as any other family unit. (Marsan) This “nontraditional” lifestyle is seen by many to be unorthodox, but based on her family life, her family is just as traditional as a “traditional” family. Cheryl Gibbs is forty-eight years old and has lived in Marietta, Ohio her whole life. She grew up and went to Marietta High School. Cheryl is the mother of two boys, one nineteen and one fourteen. She has been married twenty-two years to Craig Gibbs. She has been a hard working woman since she was seventeen years old for $3.35 an
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