Patriarchy And Its Effects On Society

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In several societies on Earth, patriarchy reigns. In such a social structure if one group is dominant, that leads to other groups suffering unfairly. With the case of patriarchy, women are the ones with inadequate benefits. While several countries are attempting to do away with this and make life equal for both men and women, there exists an obvious gap in other places around the world from countries to homes. One can tell that in films such as Blue Jasmine and Arranged (2007), patriarchy continues even in a western country where it is far less common, causing women to become victims. Humans begin to learn very quickly after birth through the people that are around them. This causes them to pick up beliefs, ideas, and self-composure in society. The first individuals exposed to them are typically family members and close family friends. Risman notes that, “The earliest and perhaps most commonly referred to explanations in popular culture depend on sex-role training, teaching boys and girls their culturally appropriate roles” (244). In the movie Arranged, Nasira and Rochel go through an arranged marriage process as a part of their religions. In both religions, it appears that women are married off to men, and while Rochel gets to choose which suitors that she is matched up with she does and does not like, Nasira is to marry the man her father wishes her to marry. Even so, in both religions, if the woman holds off marriage for too long it is problematic. When attempting to
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