Patriarchy And Subordination Of Women

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In this book Envisioning Women in World History there were a few societies that were merely dominated by the male race. As stated in this book, there are a number of societies discussed that were dominated by the males in the society, however, these societies are said to take account in the creation of patriarchy and the subordination of women. Why is Envisioning Women really being held accountable for the creation of patriarchy and the subordination of women? That question will be answered throughout the paper with supporting details to back it up. Although, men were the dominant factor in these societies, women also had roles they had to fulfill in each society as well, but they’re just weren’t being credited for being as significant as men’s roles. Before discussing the societies stated in this book, there are a few important terms I would first like to discuss. The first term I will be discussing would be “patriarchy”. Patriarchy is a society or government where the father or elder male is head of the family or person in charge. Basically this implies that males are in fact the ones in charge in the society. The second term is “subordinate”. Subordinate basically means to be lower in rank and to be treated with less importance than someone or something else. Also, some could say that another in an organization such as a society is controlling subordination. Eurasia is the first society I will discuss as well as the women in the society. The women in Eurasia lived there
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