Patriarchy By Mary Kincaid 's Girl

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Patriarchy has been part of the social and political systems since the beginning of time and yet most people do not even know that it exists. Patriarchy is a system in which it is believed that men are superior to all, especially women, and are believed to have the right to dominate over the weak. Moreover, patriarchy is pre-determined and little has been done to change it. Through “Understanding Patriarchy” by bell hooks one is able to infer and understand implied themes and ideas in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl.” The idea of patriarchy and the issues that arise from it, as portrayed by hooks, is evident in the mother-daughter relationship illustrated by Kincaid. Patriarchy, hooks asserts, has a negative effect on all females, young and old. Being that patriarchy is a system in which men are superior to women, and that everything is pre-determined, it is evident that women are suppressed, regarded to be inferior to the opposite gender. bell hooks explains that while growing up she was taught that her role was to serve, to nurture, and to be weak (hooks, 70). The idea that she had to not only refrain from acting like men but submit to them as well was instilled in her from an early age. Moreover, hooks was told what emotions she should and should not have and were also encouraged to express only her acceptable emotions (hooks, 70). Women are constantly being told what to do and what to feel with no regard to their actual feelings, needs, or desires. Furthermore, women are not

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