Patriarchy in Advertisements

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The Use of Patriarchal Love in Print Advertising Patriarchal love was originated around 6000 B.C.E (Hall). It is a part of the popular patriarchal system, in which men are dominant over women. A patriarchal relationship consists of many elements that portray the lack of equality between the two spouses. Those elements have still managed to remain present in a society that has begun to show more devotion for a soulmate relationship, in which both spouses are equal. Print advertisements are one aspect that helps contribute to maintaining patriarchal love. The advertisements display multiple aspects of patriarchal love which heavily influences individuals of our society. Patriarchal advertisements are mainly displayed using a…show more content…
The print advertisement below was below was found in the magazine article, “Slim Thug Says Bow Down”. The advertisement shows a man’s giant foot above a woman holding an iron in her hand. It appears that the shoe is going to step on the woman. This advertisement clearly portrays the patriarchal element of male dominance through ideal superiority. In patriarchal love, the man is considered to be “above” the woman and the woman is considered to be “below” the man. This advertisement literally shows the man’s ideal superiority in which he is much larger than the woman and literally “above” her. Therefore, she is literally below him. The patriarchal element of fixed gender roles can also be drawn from this advertisement. As previously discussed, one of the main gender roles of a man is to work outside the home and one of the main gender roles of a woman is to work inside the home. Even though only the foot of the man is shown, it is clear that he has on business attire, which portrays the idea that he must be working outside the home. The fact that the woman has an iron in her hand portrays the idea that she must be working inside the home and household affairs is her occupation. Another patriarchal element that can be drawn from this advertisement in which a woman is expected to follow the requests of her man in thought and action, even if she disapproves of what he wants her to do. The concealed evidence of that element lies in the facial expression of the woman,
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