Patriarchy 's Scapegoat : Black Womanhood And Femininity

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Patriarchy’s Scapegoat: Black womanhood and femininity – A critique of racism, gender inequality, anti-blackness, and historical exploitation of black women. Patriarchy is a social system where men dominate and govern most of the world’s economical, educational, familial, health, political, and religious systems. This political social system that insists that males are inherently dominating, superior females, has been taking it toll on different demographics. To maintain dominance, men exude their sensitive, inferior “masculinity” through various forms of psychological control, manipulation, violence, and terrorism. The subservient role-playing woman has to orchestrate to patriarchal chime by being nurturing, obedient, passive, and weak…show more content…
However, that didn’t stop racist, white patriarchs from brutally raping millions of African women for the sole purpose of increasing their slave count. Race breeding was an act of terrorism done to these women in America. They were repeatedly impregnated again and again. They suffered from aching backs, swollen knees and ankles, multiple miscarriages, unsanitary facilities while giving birth, and they still had to work extensive hours laboring on the fields. The black woman’s identity was ripped to shreds by imperialism white supremacy patriarchy during slavery, an effect that has trickled down into future generations. Globally, the black woman has been demoralized and tarnished for generations to come after the end of slavery. The systematic, oppressive dehumanization of black womanhood was not a mere consequence of racism. It was a calculated method of social control, manipulation, and misogyny. With capitalism on the forefront of the American society during the Reconstruction years, and a booming manufacturing economy was on the rise, white supremacy capitalism patriarchy needed a group to be at the very bottom of the social hierarchy, a scapegoat. That scapegoat was black women. Manumitted black women showed that when given the same opportunities to live their lives like humans, they surpassed and excelled in all areas. Their success was a direct challenge to the racist ideologies that darker races were inherently inferior. Racist
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