Patricia Benner´s Novice to Expert theory using the Model of Skill Acquisition

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Patricia Benner is known as one of the most recognized theorist of our time. Patricia born in 1955 in Hampton, Virginia spent most of her childhood in California. It was there that she received her professional education. This paper will focus on her Novice to Expert theory using the Model of Skill Acquisition through defining concepts within her conceptual framework, identifying assumptions within her theory, discussing the significance of her theory as it relates to advanced practice nursing, and addressing how applicable her theory is to actual nursing practice. Patricia Benner’s clinical practice was based on a wide array of specialties which included medical-surgical, critical care and home health care nursing. She started out…show more content…
She believed that years of experience is what ultimately sets apart a novice and expert nurse. “Clinicians at different levels of practice live in different clinical worlds, recognizing and responding to different situated needs for action” (Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 141). While adapting the Dreyfus Model, Patricia Benner developed the five stages of skills acquisition. The first is the novice stage. With no clinical background or experience this is where all student nurses begin. Novice nurses guide their practice by text book rules and what is taught during orientation from their preceptors. Benner has also implied that an experienced nurse could be classified as novice if they are practicing in a setting where the tools needed for patient care are unfamiliar (Alligood & Tomey, 2010). An example of this would be a nurse who works on an adult medical surgical unit having to float to pediatrics. This nurse may have years of experience working with adult medical surgical patients but no training in relation to caring for a child. Advanced Beginner is the next stage in Patricia Benner’s model. Nurses considered to be in this stage have had enough real life experiences to note different aspects of a situation. They base their assessments of patients on previous experiences similar to the current patient they are providing care for (Benner, 1984). Nurses performing at this

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