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Patricia Glinton- Meicholas is a career driven Bahamian satirist, poet, storyteller and novelist who use detailed and graphical techniques. In the text An Evening in Guanima, two stories that best illustrate the idea “Each one helping one- leaving none behind” are “Jack and the Schoolmaster” and “Jack and the Magic Eggs”. Patricia Glinton-Meicholas illustrates these two stories for me, through her powerful use of character’s action, leading to plot events, imagery and theme. In the two stories that have been mentioned, the writer creates plot events to sir come the actions of Jack and other characters. In “Jack and the Magic Eggs”, Ber Debbil insisted on deceiving Jack’s sister, Zerona. Now, Ber Debbil was demon with evil intentions…show more content…
My opinion of this story is “Never allow your talent to cage you”. I say this because; Zerona was very crafty when it came to making okra soup and plaiting fathoms. Quite interesting was that Ber Debbil had a fondness for okra soup. Furthermore, he basically serenaded her for one purpose. “But it wasn’t her beauty that caught Ber Debbil’s attention”. She didn’t realize it, since her beauty took all the credit most of the time. What I found so ironic was “… he immediately shut the poor girl up in his kitchen and ordered her to prepare her best okra soup in his biggest cooking pot.” Understanding Ber Debbil’s intention, I then came to the conclusion that Zerona’s talent actually got her in a trap. This comes back to my idea of the tale, “Never allow your talent to cage you”. Ber Debbil caged her, because she was good for one thing he loved and that was okra soup. In addition to the theme, Patricia indulges me in the thought of understanding the concept of the story. “Jack and the Schoolmaster” was also a good example to imply of a theme. My opinion of this story is “There are many benefits for standing up for something that is right”. I can infer to this, as a result of what took place in this particular story. Ber Debbil is utterly mischievous and cunning. The residents on that settlement were very gullible and not used to such brought-upsy. They cling on quickly to whatever Ber Debbil said. Jack felt and knew something was suspicious about him.

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