Patricians And The Plebeians

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Differences Between the Plebeian and Patrician 1 Differences Between the Plebeian and Patrician University of the People July 12, 2017 Differences Between the Plebeian and Patrician 2 There are stories about the legends of the King in the Romans Ancient History where the government of the kings was overthrown and lead to the creation of Republican form of government (Morley, 1901). While both the Plebeians and Patricians united to drive out the kings and the struggle was ended, the Patricians benefited from it more than the Plebeians. This paper will compare the way of life of both Patricians and Plebeians that led to the revolt of the Plebeians. The Patricians became the head of the government that controlled even the Plebeians. In a government where the Patricians ruled, the Plebeians are allowed to vote in comitia centuriata but they could not hold office or sit in the senate (Morley, 1901).…show more content…
The gap between the rich and the poor can be very visible in the social status between the two. After the war, the struggle of the Plebeians started as they live in the country while the Patricians are in the city protected by the walls. The Plebeians land including their properties like farm land and houses weren’t protected when they were serving in the army to defend the country. In fact, they were destroyed that led them to poverty and distress (Morley, 1901). Moreover, after the war, the Plebeians were forced to borrow money from the wealthy Patricians as their properties were destroyed during the war. If they could not pay their debt, the Patricians arrested them and they will become slave (Morley,
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