Patrick Henry Speech Analysis

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Patrick Henry's speech “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!” informs us of forthright and freedom of speech. He introduces the struggle for liberty and patriotism; what the government or president shall do to keep a stronger economy and militias for the sake of retaining safety and peace for the country. In addition, the speech enlightens that we are weak against our enemies eye when we do have an option of dragging our allies for aid. It also encourages us to speak up and use our voices to state out what we believe is right. Current political culture in the United States reflects to Patrick Henry’s value of “candid civility” as neither civil nor candid. President Trump’s Immigration deportation act is considered to not be civil by many in current political culture. Trump gave out a speech that when he became president of the United States, he will deport unlawful immigrants back to their country. This intention by the President stirred tension among people. Within this issue, there is two side of the supports. Some believe the President’s intention is moral and civil, deporting immigrants back to their country. However, there is a large amounts of those who oppose this act; even so, they did not take action because they were either afraid to take action and do what they believe is right. According to Patrick Henry's speech, “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transform us into beasts.” This quote reflects and

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