Patrick Henry Was More Than Just The Man That Said

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Patrick Henry: Was he more than just the man that said, “Give me liberty or give me death”? Many people do not realize how he helped shape this country and light the fire for liberty. He was one of the first in America to stand up against the bully England and speak out against the tyranny. He helped rally this nation together against England for one great cause, freedom! Who know what our country would be like today without a brave man like that to stand up for our God given rights. Patrick Henry was so much more than just a politician, he was a radical revolutionist and writer that helped spark the Revolutionary War and establish the freedoms that we now have today, without which, we would not have.
Patrick Henry had an interesting childhood and family that shaped his character and how he would impact this great country. Many think that he was always a successful politician, but he started out with many failed career attempts, twice as a storekeeper and once as a farmer (“Patrick Henry” 1). But Patrick wouldn’t stop at this, because he was a fighter and refused to give up. Patrick soon found the love of his life at the early age of 18, and got married to Sarah Shelton in 1754. “The demands of a growing family spurred him to study for the practice of law, and in this profession he soon displayed remarkable ability” (“Patrick Henry” 1). He became known all throughout Virginia and was extremely successful at his job, gaining much popularity among the commonwealth. He owes
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