Patrick Roy : National Hockey League

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Patrick Roy
There has been a lot of great goalies in the national hockey league. Who is Patrick Roy? Patrick Roy is one of the best goaltenders of all time. He has been such a well all-around person during his young years, his achievements while playing in the national hockey league, and his years of being a coach. Patrick has been such a great asset to his teams whether he was on or off the ice. Before he was well known across the world, he was just a normal boy from Quebec.
In Quebec City, Patrick Roy was born on October 5, 1965. His parents were doing very well in life. His father was a great tennis player as well as an amateur baseball player. His mother was a nationally ranked swimmer for her country. Patrick began his journey playing hockey at the age of six years old. He never started out playing in the net but when the goalie on his local team got hurt, Patrick said he would give it a try and never left that position ever since. An interesting fact was that he loved it so much, at home, he would strap pillows to his legs using them as pads. He loved playing goalie so much, he started playing that position for his local junior and midget hockey leagues. Patrick Roy dropped out of school in the eleventh grade and with the help of his parents he played in the Quebec junior league. He played for the team the Granby Bison’s which didn’t go so well for the team but great for Patrick Roy. What I mean by that is the team finished the season with a record of sixteen to…
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