Patrick Stewart Macbeth

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Director Rupert Goold created a very unconventional version of Macbeth. He gives the setting a Soviet Union feel a makes Macbeth’s character almost like Joseph Stalin in brutality and ruthlessness. The majority of the production takes place in these underground bunkers making you feel like they are in World War II. Goold put so much thought into this rendition of the Shakespearean play so you can assume he out as much though as who he casted as the main roles and how they should portray them. Some things about his character I liked, however, I did have many complaints. Goold chose Patrick Stewart as Macbeth,Kate Fleetwood as Lady Macbeth, and Sophie Hunter, Polly Frame, and Niamh McGrady as the three witches. Patrick Stewart is a great actor, but I did find it hard to get past his age. He was way too old for the part and was subpar compared to other movies I have seen him in. He plays Macbeth as a deranged psychopath were as I see Macbeth more as an arrogant man who became drunk on power. He has obviously gone mad by the end of the play, but Stewart's adaptation is disturbed. Stewart nevertheless brought a fantastic element of suspense to the film. He is the best angry-sandwich-maker I have ever seen. The scenes did drag on though. So much focus was on Macbeth creating suspense that it became dry. Lady Macbeth, played by Kate Fleetwood did an…show more content…
I appreciate Goold’s attempt to attract a younger audience by making the play like a horror film, but he went very much off the beaten path. They became distracting especially during the cauldron scene. Nothing they were doing during that scene made any sense. The unworldly movements and rapping was awful. I would have like the scene a bit more if the bodies would rise and say the prophecies themselves. It was very disappointing when the witches just said them. It is one of many disappointments regarding the
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