Patriotism For The Moon Speech

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Patriotism for the Moon
On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy delivered his famous Going to the Moon Speech to the American public. During the heightened tensions of the Cold War, Kennedy wanted to appeal to the sense of patriotism of the country and inspire everyone to support the Space Race efforts. He did this through the use of logic and emotion throughout the speech to connect with the Americans that were present and those who were not in attendance at Rice Stadium.
The Cold War was viewed as a frightening time in American history. After the second World War, the major allied powers were splitting territory up to control and keep “safe”. The Soviet Union created the Berlin Wall and decided to attempt and spread Communism among European countries. The United States decided to combat this as an act of protecting democracy for all. When labeled as super powers of the world, the US and USSR had the most worldly influence in this time period. The decision was either you were helping fight Communism or help spread it, sort of like a competition. The Space Race had becoming the big concern along with nuclear warfare in this time. People of the country knew that Sputnik had been launched by the Soviet Union as a satellite, creating panic and distress among the western society. The government basically reassured the public that the skies above the Earth will not be used for weaponry and war but for science and learning. Within the speech, President Kennedy uses…
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