Patriotism or Cosmopolitanism Essay

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Humankind would be a better place if we were all just citizens of the world. In Martha Nussbaum’s “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism” she argues whether children should be taught in education to be patriotic or cosmopolitan. Nussbaum’s definition of cosmopolitanism is a person whose primary allegiance is to the community of human beings in the entire world. Nussbaum begins her argument by raising questions about education and how students ought to be taught that hunger in third world countries are problems of global problems and not the countries problem. She says “We should regard out deliberations as, first and foremost, deliberations about human problems of people in particular concrete situations, not problems growing out of a national …show more content…
Along with that it is a community center for the public. This can bring the neighborhood people of Manhattan closer together, then all of New York, then people of other states and then tourist from other countries. “We are looking to build bridges between faiths,” said Oz Sultan, the programming direction for this center. (Barbaro) Sissela Bok’s question arose when she asked how should education and the concentric circle theory be taught? Should children learned from the outer edge moving inward? Or the inner edge going out? She believes that both patriotism and cosmopolitanism are important and should have an effect on every persons life. If one does not investigate their own culture how will they be open minded to another? She states that we must learn about the uniqueness of other cultures and learn from part to whole about our entire society. (p 39) But is this what is happening? No, not at all. America used to be the center for cosmopolitanism. This was the country of immigrants coming together and forming as one but recently it seems otherwise Nussbaum says “Our nation is appallingly ignorant of most of the rest of the world. I think that this means that it is also, in many crucial ways, ignorant to itself.” This feeling of love and devotion to American is harmless but once it starts shunning people out it becomes serious and on many levels, ignorant. On what level does patriotism become critical and is it
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