Patterns Of Society : The Beginnings Of An Industrial Revolution

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Patterns of Society Thesis: Between the 1820s and the 1850s, the American economy experienced the beginnings of an industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was making United States both dramatically wealthier and increasingly unequal. It was transforming social relationships at almost every level. I. The rich and poor classes of economy shared many differences. a. The economic growth, both commercial and industrial, raised the average income of Americans but this inflation was distributed unequally – for slaves, Indians, landless farmers, and many unskilled workers experienced this change. Small percentage of families owned majority of wealth. b. There had always been wealthy classes from beginning but the extent and character was changing. Wealthy individuals found ways to display their social status with great mansions, showy carriages, lavish household goods and the elegant social establishment they patronized. In fact, the creation of Central Park in 1850s was done because members of the high society wanted an elegant setting for their daily carriage rides. c. Large population of poor people in the growing urban areas, these individuals suffer the lack of necessities such as homes and depended on charity or crime, or both, for survival. This population included recent immigrants, widows, orphans, and people with mental illness – among this group free blacks suffered the most because they had access to only menial jobs with little pay and no right to vote and
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