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Infrared Technology Infrared (IR) light cannot be detected by the human eye. It has an energy factor that is two or three less than visible light and so the retina cannot be triggered to see it. So, when applied properly, infrared light can be used to help the human eye see things that were not fathomable beforehand. Infrared light doesn’t give off much energy and therefore is not very hot. When objects aren’t hot enough to give off visible light, it gives most of its energy in the Infrared Spectrum and is used in science, art and more. Chances are that people use something that is involved with Infrared technology every day, but they do not even realize it! Infrared technology is used in simple household commodities like remote controls…show more content…
Infrared imaging is also used for military uses. This includes target acquisition, surveillance, night vision, homing and tracking (Infrared). This technology allows missiles and rockets to follow a target by tracking its heat. Night vision goggles and surveillance is used just as with the thermal imaging to detect things that give off heat and show them in a way that allows the human eye to see things that it normally could not. Infrared technology is being used with many historical art pieces as well. Traditional light bulbs usually emit some sort of Infrared light of Ultraviolet rays which, given direct contact to a piece of art work, can damage it. The painting could crack, fade or peel because the light causes the surface of the painting to rise in temperature. In other cases, infrared light can be used to literally see through art work to see what is hiding underneath it. Infrared radiation is close to the visible range, and can be detected using a certain type of camera used to collect infrared CCD images. Even more advanced cameras can detect a bigger range of radiation waves and can produce infrared reflectory images (IRFC). Infrared light can go through the painting’s film and reveal the underdrawing of the art piece (“Visible and Beyond”). This type of technology has brought some Renaissance art back to life. Now art historians can look at historic art pieces

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