Patterns of Life in Ernest Hemingway’s A Soldier’s Home Essay

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Patterns of Life in Ernest Hemingway’s “A Soldier’s Home” Is there a pattern for life? Maybe not, but in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “A Soldier’s Home”, the main character Harold Krebs finds that he needs to live his life through a series of patterns. In this story, the series of patterns associated to Krebs results in an explanation of his character’s desire for an uncomplicated life. The series of patterns can be found through Krebs’s involvement in college, the Marines, and even in his personal relationships. For Krebs, the pattern of a fraternity lends itself to a uniformity that leaves everyone the same. This sameness is uncomplicated for Krebs. For example, the photograph shows “all of them wearing…show more content…
In a sense, he loses his role but tries to find it by telling stories about the war. However, the role of a soldier in his hometown is no longer “sensational” and he lies in order to find the pattern of soldier. Still nobody listens to Krebs’ pattern and he begins to search out the role through war books finding it “interesting reading”. It seems that Krebs tries to find another pattern to replace this new complicated life of a former soldier. The new desire for an uncomplicated life also stops him from developing a relationship with the opposite sex. Instead of pursuing females, he admires the “pattern” of their clothing from their “round Dutch collars” to their “silk stocking”. Krebs’ view of females is that they live “in such a complicated world” full of relationship issues. These issues keep him away because he does not want “any consequences” from the complications of a female. Krebs sees the girls as a “nice pattern. He liked the pattern”, but he cannot break into their pattern because it would deal with emotions. He believes that breaking the emotional pattern would not be worth the results. Females are not the only pattern that Krebs cannot adapt to because of complications. After the war, he finds that his home life is complicated because of the expectations of his parents. Instead of standing up to these expectations, Krebs complies in
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